Ion, the new TJ Intranet, has launched. Visit

November 11, 2015: Since 2000, Intranet has been a fully student-built and student-run project at TJHSST. The initial web-based solution for activity signups and management was created to automate what was previously a manual, pencil-and-paper system. Soon afterward, Intranet2 (Iodine) was developed as an ambitious effort to create a more viable long-term solution. The Intranet soon became a critical part of TJ’s operations, giving students and staff access to functionality such as news, polls, a student directory, and filecenter.

After nearly ten years of using Iodine, it was deemed necessary to create a new application: one that could be built for the computers, phones, and tablets available today while also having the foundation necessary to support future changes down the road. Intranet 3 (Ion), the next generation of the TJ Intranet platform, will officially replace Iodine next week after two years of development effort.

Thank you to the dozens of students and faculty members that have made Iodine's development and continued use possible over the past decade. Stay tuned for more details about the exciting launch of our brand-new Intranet system.
— James Woglom and the Intranet Development Team

Brent Metz (1998)
Roger Braunstein (1999)
Justin Wienckowski (1999)
Michael Craig (2000)
Ilia Mirkin (2001)
Taylor Mitchell (2000)
T.J. Purtell (2000)
Daniel Willenson (1999)
David "Ziggy" Ziegler (2000)
Ilia Mirkin (2001)
Gary Sivek (2002)
Jeff Arnold (2003)
Evan Danaher (2004)
Aman Gupta (2004)
Evan Danaher (2004)
Dan Tran (2006)
Andrew "Deason" Deason (2006)
Sam Gross (2006)
Eric Harmon (2006)
Alfie Parthum (2006)
Bryan "brj" Rau-Jacobs (2006)
Andrew "asmith" Smith (2006)
Logan Kearsley (2007)
Victor "vmircea" Mircea (2007)
Josiah "Jobin" Boning (2008)
Jack "jbreese" Breese (2008)
Nathan Watson (2008)
William "wyang" Yang (2008)
Michael Kremer (2009)
Andrew Imm (2010)
Peter Godofsky (2011)
Derek "bugzapper" Morris (2011)
Dylan Ladwig (2011)
Zachary “Gamer_Z.” Yaro (2012)
Peter Foley (2013)
Ethan Lowman (2015)
James Woglom (2016)

Mr. Peter Morasca
Mr. Richard Slivoskey
Mr. Donald Hyatt
Mr. Randy Latimer
Mr. Joshua Strong
Dr. Shane Torbert
Ms. Marie Lauducci
Mrs. Jean Stevens
Ms. Allison Agee
Mrs. Joan Burch
Mr. Andrew Hamilton
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